We are No Coast! A Kansas City Design Studio

We are No Coast! A Kansas City Design Studio

We’re so excited to have finally launched! We are No Coast – a brand new Kansas City design studio. Although being brand new doesn’t mean we are new to the design world. Quite the opposite, actually.

We (Mikael and Rebecca) have a combined total of 18 years experience working in the field of brand and website design with both local and international clients. Just recently, along with joining our lives together (Rebecca said “YES!” last August), we have also decided to join our creative minds together and build a new business where we are ecstatically, skillfully (and nerdily) building websites that take our clients to the next level in their businesses.

We work with small business owners and entrepreneurs who come to us saying any one of these 3 things:


“I hate my website. It looks so outdated.”
“My website isn’t bringing me customers like I thought it would. Where did I go wrong?”
“I have no idea how to create a website that actually looks good nor do I have the time, even if I did know how…”


After a cup of coffee and a conversation about their unique business website needs, our clients push back their chairs and let out a long sigh of pure relief.

“I feel like I’m finally not stuck any more and can actually move my business forward. Thank you so much for giving me my peace of mind back.”


We LOVE our clients because we love helping businesses and the people behind them, THRIVE.


We’re not meant to stay stuck where we are, but instead always move forward, always grow, always push beyond our current circumstances and into something even greater. Because when our businesses grow—our community, our family, and our own life benefits. We create a ripple effect of positive impact.

Little did we know that—when we met 9 years ago… the two of us, both students in design school—we would find ourselves where we are today. But, after years of freelancing, going to business school and taking countless business courses, hiring and managing designers in our own team, helping thousands of entrepreneurs, and fully riding the entrepreneurial roller coaster, the time has come that we create something even better together! Business (just like life!) should never be done alone….

So No Coast Design Studios is born!

No Coast to us means no boundaries, no ceiling, no limit to how far you and your business can go. It also nods to our location, right smack dab in the middle of the United States – where there’s no coast in sight.

We are here to help YOU in anyway we can with the gifts we’ve been given, with the skills we’ve sharpened and the business lessons we have lived and learned with our own entrepreneurial experiences. So if you have a brand, website design, business question—or just want to connect—make sure to ask! We love helping our fellow business friends out with helpful advice and an encouraging word. Follow our blog to stay updated on everything design, branding, websites, marketing and business!

Now that you know what we do, we’d love to hear what YOU do! Comment below!

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